College Freshman Tips: Things To Know

College Freshman Tips For Student Life

Going to college can be intimidating fresh out of high school. I remember not knowing what to expect or wondering if it was going to be extremely difficult. I found my way after a couple years, but I don’t think it should take that long to figure things out. These are some college freshman tips I recommend to put you on the right track.


First off, I think it should be mentioned that you won’t have time for gourmet cooking. A lot of students move out and don’t rely on a home cooked meal from mom anymore. You need to make sure you nourish your body and your mind.

Cooking can be easy!

To stay healthy, I recommend buying a rice maker! You don’t have to make white rice in it though, I use to make quinoa, brown rice, and even split peas. A rice maker allows you to make little mess, its fool proof, and you can still have a healthy side dish. As a main protein, you can buy salmon (not so pricy if it’s just for you) and it literally cooks in the oven for 15 minutes. If you use parchment paper, then there is no mess.

The bottom line is stay healthy and do it quickly!

Living Arrangement and Parking

Something very important I realized when going to college was how inconvenient the drive could be. I use to drive 45 minutes just to arrive on the campus! That didn’t include the time it took to find a parking spot. Make sure you find a place to live that’s close to the school you are applying to!

Gas can be a huge expense!

Parking can be extremely troublesome especially when you are trying to make It to your class on time. So many students want to get there right on time rather than early. When they see the parking situation, they end up very late. Teachers do not care if you had to walk a mile, get there early.

College Environment

Okay, this is important, now that you’re nourished and found a parking spot, we need to talk about what it’s actually like in college. There are going to be college events every other week. Make sure you stay strong to your goals and don’t loose focus. There are going to be people from many different majors and different levels (freshman-senior). This will dictate how they spend their free time. For a freshman, it’s important that you do well because your classes may be getting much more difficult in the future.

Now is the time to do good!

Too much goofing around and extracurricular activities can lead to poor classroom performance. Some part-timers may be there to party, but you want to go far with this degree. Your grades shouldn’t suffer. You can have a nice time as long as you put in the time for your studies first and foremost.

Classes and Studying

Depending on your degree plan and what classes you take, they may or may not be online. If your classes are in person, make sure you know the attendance policy and drop date. I know that no one ever recommends being absent, but having an absence here and there isn’t the worst thing! Try to make sure you are always in the loop, and always study when you know that your knowledge on the subject matter isn’t golden.

Having a classmate’s phone number is important!

Also, the rule about how many hours to study for the amount of credits you’re taking doesn’t really apply to everyone. Study until you really believe you know the material. I never paid attention to how long people said I need to study. Also, there is not just one way to study. You do what works for you.

Tutoring Lab and Asking Questions

Something you should get use to right away is the tutoring lab. In high school, tutoring was made to seem like it was for people who were not passing. In college (especially if you’re taking math and sciences), the tutoring lab is a necessity for most students. I have seen all kinds of students there including myself. This is the place to figure things out!

If the tutoring lab isn’t able to help you, ask your teacher!

Teachers are there for a reason, and it isn’t just to lecture. When your teacher has office hours you need to take advantage of them. You are paying so much tuition, you should get your questions answered. Most of the time the teacher is happy and even excited to help.

Bottom Line

With these college freshman tips, you should be able to integrate into the college system without too many issues. Remember to nourish yourself, study, relax, and always ask for help. You can do this!

College Freshman Tips For Student Life