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Tips For Online College Success and How To Be A Successful Student!


Understanding how to study for online classes can be tricky in this day and age. With the world moving so quickly, learning styles have to shift often.


But why?


New technology has allowed for students to be able to research everything at their fingertips, and in return, teachers have gotten smarter and tougher.


You may not be able to get quick answers online anymore. In some cases, studying for online classes can be easy but not all subjects are the same. I have provided some tips I used for motivation for online learning that I think may be useful, with figuring out how to study for online classes.


I am an advocate for studying efficiently and effectively. I have various articles that may help you if you need study motivation, school hacks, going back to school at 40 and up, etc…. I compiled these in my college motivation article.


Download The Ebook

motivation for online learning ebook


It goes without being said that the ebook is a valuable resource in online classes. The ebook provides many shortcuts that the paper back just doesn’t have.


Here’s how,


I used the ebook in my many online courses to quickly find a term I may be looking for by using the “ctrl f” function. For example, I could be looking for the term “adaptive immunity”, I would open the ebook and hit ctrl f, then type my term for quick answers.


I was able to instantly find the term all over the book in an organized way. This is like the modern index but so much better. You can use ctrl f even in the index!


Another great thing you can do with your ebook is to highlight things. I love that highlighting is a non permanent function because it doesn’t destroy your book.


Finishing The Course Early

I love having the option to finish a course early with online classes. Many times a student will procrastinate when they don’t feel strict due dates. In this case, knowing when everything is due allows you to think “hey, I can finish everything early then have 2 months off?!”


how to study for online classes


I know a lot of students maybe procrastinate when given such a far out due date, but, the sooner you get it done, you have an excess of free time.


This is not the case with regular courses because you may only buy yourself a few free days. It is easier to be successful and motivate yourself with online courses because you know there is that incentive for an abundance of free time.


Doing your work ahead of time will also prevent late assignments because you may have technical difficulties at last minute.


Use Digital Flashcards

This one I utilized soo much. There is a website called quizlet where you can make digital flashcards, and it is great! You are already working primarily online with online course and now you can have a neat and organized way of studying your material.


I liked using quizlet because it was so much quicker than making my own flashcards.


Sometimes, making your own flashcards can take hours and you don’t need to waste that valuable time when trying to be a successful online college student.


Keep it simple. You save money this way anyway. If you feel that you need more college motivation on top of flashcards and not just pertaining to online learning, I have some great study motivation tips.


Youtube and Professor’s Videos

It may seem obvious but you really need to make sure that you understand the material forwards and back. If you want to test yourself or maybe you just don’t quite have a grasp on the material, listen to other people lecture on the material.


I always like to make sure I have the best understanding. I do that by watching videos and rewinding them many times.


This is how I got A’s, I made sure to retrace everything the teacher could have possibly said in their videos. This is probably my biggest tip for online class success. 


Bonus Tip: If you study math or science, khan academy is the perfect place to watch videos or take courses to understand the material better. I watched khan academy on youtube SOO much and got many examples from them. They break down the subject and make it easy to understand! 


Eventually, as you continue to study similar subjects, you will have a repertoire of different youtube channels that always help online learning or college success in general. 


Keep Organized

how to study for online classes organize


Easier said than done right? It is vital that you keep your mind and notes organized when taking an online course. I use to print out valuable notes (powerpoint slides) and keep them in a binder for the real difficult courses.


This way, I had something to look at when I didn’t have my computer and so that I never got anything mixed up. Anyone you ask will tell you, one of the most important successful online learning strategies, is organization. 


Staring at a screen can give you a headache and maybe you are still from a generation like me, where I am used to physical notes. If you don’t print anything, it’s very simple to make folders on your computer.


Usually your ebook keeps track of where you last left off as well.


Bottom Line For Online Learning Success

Studying for an online class doesn’t have to be difficult. As you continue to take online classes you will get your rhythm. Just don’t waste too much time.


Sometimes you have to just dive in. Learning how to be a successful online college student isn’t a mystery, it takes just a bit of motivation and discipline. 


If you feel like you need help with some school hacks, I have an article on that too! Motivation for online learning as well as how to study for online classes does not have to be difficult or time consuming. I hope this has helped anyone in need of motivation!


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