How To Teach English Online: Learn The process
Teaching English Online

For many people working from home is a dream come true. I still feel that it has wonderful benefits. Something that has gained popularity is the online English teaching companies. Usually these are based from China and you have a wide range of age groups. Learning how to teach English online with various companies can be very simple.

I tried interviewing with several of these companies and got hired by 3. I wanted to shed some light on the process and what’s it’s actually like. Learn how to teach English online with these tips!


The interview required a lot more energy, preparation, and thought than other interviews I have done before. To begin with, I had to buy some props and decorate my background. Since everything is done on the webcam (interview and teaching), you want to have a kid friendly background.

Decorate your background!

Next, I had to watch imitation interviews online. I wanted to ensure I got the right method down from people hired already. You need to be extremely excited and animated.

Lastly, you will need to do a practice lesson during the interview. The interviewer will pretend to be a kid knowing little English (awkward lol). Make sure you are confident and ready to go, this is why the pay is attractive.


Some companies advertise 20 dollars an hour. However, you usually teach in blocks. I remember getting on average 15 dollars an hour because I couldn’t always get hours with some companies paying 20 dollars an hour.

Browse the online teaching marketplace!

I recommend going with the company who will give you the most hours and use a paypal account to get paid. I never fully trusted any company with my bank account info so I just used paypal. Some people will say that you won’t make much money at first, but that depends on if you get hours. I made about 800 dollars the first month.

Hours and Job info

You may not get very many hours if you go with the most popular company out there. Nowadays, people have caught on to this idea of online teaching and there are a lot of teachers.

Hours can vary from company to company!

I feel that it is important to mention that while you can work your own hours, they are on Beijing time and that means prime hours are 4-6 a.m. This is something that can make the job challenging if you don’t want to get up that early.

One other note is that this job may be good for parents with older children but not newborns. When you’re doing a lesson you cannot leave camera to tend to your baby. They are paying for a solid lesson and not to hear crying.

Many people try to get hired with VIPKid but i found that it took much longer to get hours and gain a following. The company that I highly recommend is Hawo English. They gave me hours right away and I gained popularity immediately because they add artificial likes and favorites to your profile. This makes it easier to get bookings. 

Bottom line

Basically, you can get hours, decent pay, and work from home relaxed. Learning how to teach English online with any company is doable! There are just a few things to consider if you didn’t know these things already. I hope you do great in any interview if you have one 🙂