How to travel for free: By Paying Your Bills

I know that everyone would love free trips, but it always seems like there is a catch and that nothing about free travel is simple. There are travel vloggers/bloggers that are consistently traveling for free because it is their career, and they make travel look so easy. I’m not lumping myself into that category because that may not be realistic for most people. But, I would say I’m able to have two bigger trips a year, free (plane tickets and hotel).

This of course, depends on where you live because some deals are very different based on your region. I live in Texas, so that also determines where I travel to. Regardless of your location though, there is always a deal to be had. Learn how to travel for free with my system!

Three Card System

I want to eventually make a how to guide on specifics which would include getting the most  for your points, if people are interested. But first of all, you need the tools to begin this free travel system.

I do this with credit cards. Three specific cards:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred

These three are the golden key to free travel.

How I use them

There are quite a few steps in order to properly use these cards for free travel and redeeming them which will be discussed in a future post.

First, you must get at least 2 of these credit cards if you want this system to work. That would be the Chase Freedom and the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Having these 2 cards is key because the Chase Sapphire Preferred allows you to transfer points to travel partners, and the Chase Freedom allows you to get a large quantity of points (5x the points in revolving categories).

If you can get the Chase Freedom Unlimited card that would also be great for gathering points (1.5 times the points on every dollar spent on anything).  However, when you’re starting out, I would suggest the 2 aforementioned cards.

You need decent credit to get approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and it does have an annual $95 fee. However, you quickly earn that money back through your travel points.

The Chase Freedom card is a lot easier to get approved for. If you do get that card 1st depending on the categories that change every 3 months, you can start gathering 5 time the points for every dollar spent. This is a great way to start accumulating points.

The major reasons for opening up these credit cards is because chase points are so versatile, the opening bonuses are fantastic (sometimes 50,000 points), and the Chase Freedom is always revolving categories (every 3 months). You will be buying your regular things or paying your bills, and the points will quickly add up.

Example Trips

So far, since I have been using this system, I have gone on 3 big trips (flight and hotel) and several smaller trips (hotel).

I use the credit cards for my daily spend such as bills, shopping, restaurants, school, etc… Then, I pay it off at the end of the month. I only spend what I would regularly spend on these items. This has allowed me to have bonuses when opening the credit card and to go on some nice trips.

My first trip was to go to Quebec from Texas with my husband for 8 nights and the plane tickets were completely paid for in points. Also, I got 4 nights completely paid for in points at the Hyatt Regency.

I went to Boston Massachusetts with my husband and had my plane tickets
completely paid in points (2 plane tickets round trip).

Also, I stayed in hotels (Hyatt) for several nights all around Texas.

I have another trip planned in a few days for Utah where my husband and I got plane tickets round trip, and 5 nights in the Hyatt Regency, all with points!

Bottom Line

Free travel is definitely possible and you should venture out into this world! It is pretty simple and I can walk you through it. I will make a guide that goes further in depth and feel free to email me.

Two of the resources I always use are “The Points Guy” and a Youtube video  I watched a few times called  “BEST Credit Card system for getting FREE Flights (2017).” 

The Points Guy has had many articles about inexpensive or free travel and how to do it with credit cards. I trust his research and articles.