3 Muslim Women Travel Tips: Be Prepared

Assalamu ‘Alaykum all! I hope everyone is having a blessed day! I have traveled so much and along the way I have realized some valuable tips that I wanted to share. Don’t feel that you have to compromise when you are on vacation or out and about. These are 3 Muslim women travel tips that can benefit any of the sisters out there!

Catching Your Prayers

This is something I use to find very difficult because a lot of times I was not near a mosque. Sometimes going back to the hotel wasn’t not an option. I never want to miss my prayer’s, so I found a way to make it work! Finding a place to pray when out in public doesn’t have to be difficult but, always be mindful of the weather.

Snow can make it difficult to pray outside!

I discovered that you can actually pray in dressing rooms in the mall. That may sound weird but hear me out. I know that at a lot of dressing rooms, the store employees keep knocking and checking on you, or the music is blasting loud. I have found that at department stores like Dillards or Kohls, nobody checks on you, there is no music in the dressing room, and there is often carpet. This is a great peaceful, private, and safe way to make your prayers on time.

Finding Permissible Food

Finding a place to eat can be very difficult! I have seen that when a restaurant is not halal, vegetarian options are made with alcohol such as wine or beer of some kind. This makes it so hard to enjoy your trip because of the time it takes to find a proper meal.

Call ahead!

The way I have solved this is that I do the work ahead of time. It may seem time consuming to call restaurants and ask them about their menu but asking at the restaurant can make you want to leave the place. I have been to places that are so bothered by my questions that I feel like getting up and leaving. I would rather know what kind of place it is ahead of time. Then I can travel care-free and look forward to all the restaurants I picked out throughout town.

Shopping For Modest Clothing Clothes

Okay, so I know that many of us women get our clothes online nowadays, BUT you can find really nice modest clothing at regular mall stores! I use to feel like shopping for clothes on vacation wasn’t for me and that I would never find something modest. I mean, if I have to wear like a million layers and make all these different things work…..forget it. I will buy a simple abaya online and call it a day.

You don’t have to only shop online anymore!

I wanted to mention a few stores that are at different malls that have great modest clothing. First off, Versona, this store has beautiful long skirts, modest blouses, dresses, and even scarves. I love this store and maybe a fourth of my wardrobe is from here. Next up is Soft Surroundings….I LOVE THIS STORE. I have bought sooooo many dresses here. You know what I love about it? They come in petite for us shorties! You will find a beautiful modest dress here, do not worry. And lastly, this is a store I recently discovered in Utah, it’s called Down East. They had stylish dresses that were a very reasonable price and many different colors.

Also, make sure to go shopping in the winter for the best styles! This is when modest clothing comes out.

Bottom Line

Never miss your prayers when you’re on the go again! Your vacations can be enjoyable, but also keep you remembering Allah. I hope these 3 Muslim women travel tips help you to have an amazing travel experience and enjoy every minute! Message me for more tips and questions! questions@livetoinform.com