School Hacks! { Study Tips For Education!}

Going to college today can seem daunting with all the technology, social distancing, and the learning curve involved. I recently graduated and realized I have many vital school hacks that can be used as study tips for student life in general. I have listed my top 7 school hacks for any student! Also, if you need motivation to study, check out my article on study motivation tips!


School Hacks

I used audible a lot! This handy app will allow you to listen to your textbook via audio anywhere you want. Sometimes I just felt like the text book was so boring and I didn’t have time to read and re-read the information. When looking for school hacks, this will change the game for you. I listened to a ton of books on here while I was in the car (I had along drive), cooking, or even exercising. 


School Hacks

This is a great tool for making virtual flashcards rather than writing on paper. This way you can access your flashcards when you’re on the go or about to go to sleep for the night.

It’s quick and easy to make flashcards using this site, as well as, many other students make flashcards on here. The benefit to other students flashcards is that they may have taken a similar class as you and could have some really helpful cards already made.


So if you don’t know about this yet, its one of the school hacks I love the most for students. Basically, if you’re on Microsoft word, or your mobile device, you can find the dictate button and talk to your computer.

I have written 14 page essays this way and it was AWESOME!

It took half the time and allowed me to be efficient and have time for other things. Trust me when I say you need dictation in your life! It will make writing anything take half the time. 

Recording Professor On Audio

If you don’t record audios of your professor, what is stopping you?! If you are like me and have these difficult science courses, you can’t remember everything the teacher said! Sometimes taking courses like genetics, biochemistry, anatomy, then ecology can mixed you up (happened to me). Also, the textbooks are too similar sometimes and notes can get scattered.

I even had a teacher say he wouldn’t be quizzing us the following week and then he tried to pull a fast one and I had him recorded heh heh heh. This is a good way to cross reference what you thought you might’ve heard. 

Searching The Ebook Using CTRL F

School Hacks

Many students use eBooks now, which is great! A great way to find what you’re looking for in the eBook quickly, is to open the eBook and hit ctrl f on the computer. I know you may already know HOW to do this but if you are a person who is hung up on getting physical paper copy books, just remember when you need to find anything in the book in a certain chapter, ctrl f is going to help you the quickest.

And sometimes we just really need to get that homework done. I would say this school hack is a must if your teacher gives a lot of homework. 

PowerPoint Notes

Many teachers now use power point as a means to provide you the material. Well something helpful to note about PowerPoint is that there is a section in editing mode under the power point where you can add notes.

Though you may have your own system for taking notes, this keeps your notes concise and organized with the current slide you’re on. Also, you can do ctrl F to find the relevant information in the PowerPoint. It’s just a good school hack for any student wanting to stay organized. 


Last, but certainly not least, we have YouTube. I know that so many people use YouTube nowadays but just for those of you who don’t or aren’t convinced, this is crucial! Some of us end up with professors that don’t really mesh with our learning style.

While you must work hard no matter the professor, I definitely needed YouTube videos. A great channel on YouTube is Khan Academy.  It has helped me understand different concepts with many different examples.