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Finding the motivation to study can be difficult sometimes. When I was in college, I tried hard not to procrastinate but sometimes I just felt like I didn’t want to study. But I quickly learned that the feeling of getting your things done on time, is so much more rewarding than the things you have fun doing while you procrastinate. Here are some study motivation tips that I like to follow.


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Know Your Due Dates


Sometimes its just a matter of organization. If you don’t know when anything is due, you won’t know where to start. I saw a lot of students doing poor because they just didn’t care to know when all their tests were going to be. Whether you have a planner or a journal that has your notes, know your due dates.


Don’t plan events or visits during the weekend before a test.


I purposely didn’t make plans before an upcoming test, this was motivation for me to actually study. I knew that if I wanted to see my family or friends, I needed to study first. This was something that always stuck in my head and made me get up and do what needed to be done.


Know Your Grades


Okay, so everyone sort of knows what their grades are, but I think students should actually know what they need to make on certain exams or assignments in order to get the grade they want. Don’t become crazy doing calculations every minute, but it seriously helps to know if you need 100 on a test in order to pass the course! Yikes!


Aim higher than what you need!


When you put it in your mind that you need a very high grade, this gives you the wiggle room if you should get a slightly lower grade. It always motivated me to know that I only needed a 60 on the final to get an A, then I would aim high and knock it out of the park. Depending on the grade you need, this will motivate you to work hard.


Stay Active


Make sure you don’t let yourself go. When I say “stay active” That doesn’t mean you need to be going to the gym and doing some crazy exercise routine. I would just get up and out. I would go for walks or drives or anything that gets your mind in a different setting.


Binging Netflix makes you lazy!


I can’t lie, I have binged my fair share of shows. The problem is that this will make you feel lazier than you already are. You have to break the cycle and not watch the next episode. If anything, waiting to watch the next episode until after you study will be your motivation!!!


Bottom Line


There are endless ways to motivate yourself. I feel that being active, knowing where you stand in a course, and even looking forward to watching the episode you held out on, are ways you can motivate yourself! You can do great in whatever you are studying! I hope these study motivation tips helped you. If you have questions please contact me!


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