Things to do in Quebec: what to Expect

Visiting Quebec is nothing but delightful. Although the weather is chilling in winter (-10fahrenheit), something about it is so serene. When I visited Quebec, I went in the middle of winter. I was in Montreal and visited the mountains in Mont Tremblant, so I was able to get a sense of what a true winter can look like.

Frightfully cold winters are common in Quebec!

Although I did a lot of research beforehand, I did not realize it could be THAT cold. Weather forecasts are just a prediction so be prepared for anything. Other than the weather, there is a bit of a culture difference.


Be prepared to hear French everywhere. It is their first language so although Canada is our neighbor, Quebec has kept to their French roots. Most of the time the signs, menus, and any other advertising will be in English as well, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Have your phone translator ready if you need to look something up.

People will always address you in French first.

Keep in mind there are quite a few people from northern Africa and France as well. This is interesting because of the diversity. Sometimes people there will speak several languages and English is not one of them.

Currency and Paying

It should not be a surprise that Quebec uses different currency (the Canadian dollar). Though this may be the case, as long as you have your bank card, there are ATMs everywhere. I brought a card with me that had no foreign transaction fees. This way I could just use credit, not have to withdraw money ever, and I didn’t have to worry about the conversion.

Please avoid the currency converters at the airport!

The people standing in those booths at the airport trying to convert your money are going to rip you off! Avoid them! You don’t even need cash too often!

Recommended Places to Visit

If you’re someone who likes skiing or snowboarding, I definitely recommend visiting the mountain town of Mont Tremblant. They have a wonderful ski resort and it is something to remember.

The ski village is so charming!

Don’t pass up Mont Tremblant and take a stroll through the ski village. They have wonderful poutine and they do a little maple syrup trick on ice (you will see it when you go).

If visiting Montreal I recommend going to Mount Royal to take a view of the whole city. It is so beautiful with snow! I also recommend ice skating. Since it is consistently so cold there, they have ice skating on small bodies of water. I really enjoyed that.

The Jean Talon market was also a wonderful place to see where many of the locals shop and get high quality Canadian maple syrup as well as French cheeses.

Bottom line

I cannot say enough about Quebec. It was one of my favorite destinations. There are many more places to visit while there, but these are some of the things that really stuck out to me. I have a few pictures from the trip on my Pinterest.

If you have questions let me know 🙂