Visiting Denver Colorado| Research for a future trip

Visiting Denver Colorado is an exciting experience above most places in the U.S. Though we have covid happening now, it will never change that Denver is one awesome place. Not many destinations can compare to the tranquility, peace, and exhilaration visiting Denver Colorado brings. I’m going to discuss the many places, things to do, and exciting mentions of visiting Denver Colorado and the surrounding area, this will prepare you for when traveling becomes more frequent and safe again. Though, many of these activities are outside and could be safe now.

Things To Do
Visiting Denver Colorado

Morrison Colorado

If you haven’t already heard of it, you need to know about it, the lariat loop. There is plenty to do while visiting Denver Colorado, which, I will definitely mention those things, but the lariat loop captures Colorado’s tranquility, history, locals, and so much more. The lariat loop is a winding road just outside Denver ( I mean practically in Denver) that visits three main mountain towns. Those towns are Morrison, Golden, and my favorite, Evergreen. 

Local towns are the best for getting a sense of the vibe and culture!


Visiting Denver Colorado can be an awe-inspiring trip and endless adventure. A plane ticket to Denver is often cheap and quick for many, so, it is worth it to give the city a chance.

Visiting Denver Colorado

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is a great way to get out and see wildlife, it was a very nice zoo compared to others in some states I have been. It has live feedings and shows, excellent lion exhibit, and a wonderful gift shop. Nature and the outdoors is a great way to social distance and enjoy your vacation safely.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is great if you’re interested in dinosaurs and planetariums. Check out my later mention of dinosaur ridge in Morrison if you love dinosaurs. The museum has several themed history/science levels in the museum and a deck with amazing mountain views. 

Denver Union Station is a fantastic place to see, it has great restaurants, freshly made ice cream, pool tables/lounge, and serves as a transit station. The architecture is fantastic and its an awesome place to unwind and relax, as well as get some great ideas for food, from the locals. 

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

View of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre

There is something for everyone to do in these nearby mountain towns. In Morrison you cant miss seeing the red rocks and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Many performers have visited and played at this venue. It is a must see and a natural beauty. There is also Dinosaur Ridge which is a great place to see not just for the kids but adults too! Dinosaurs once roamed this land yall! You have got to check out the tracks and tour given by an archeology fanatic and student! 

Visiting Denver Colorado

Boutique Shop Piece from Golden Colorado

Visiting Denver Colorado

Boutique Shop Dress

Golden is a great town for shopping and mountain views. We visited lookout mountain which had spectacular views and even some light snow flurries in the summer! It was an astonishing view to say the least. Then of course you can see the downtown itself, there are so many shops (love the boutique shops) and history all over. This was an old mining town which now has a railroad museum and different landmarks all around. 

Golden is full of history and views!

Visiting Denver Colorado

Elk in parking lot in Evergreen

Evergreen was my personal favorite due to it having just that, evergreens everywhere. Absolutely breathtaking views and winding mountain roads. The shops were actually budget friendly, wildlife came out from the trees (on several occasions), and there is a wonderful lake to kayak or pedalboat. It was more simple but the art museums, souvenirs, elk grazing and crossing the road, and the lake made it my very favorite. 

Don’t miss out on the wildlife and beauty of Evergreen!

Now of course, I visited during the summer and there are many things to do in the winter (skiing!), but this is a place to escape blazing hot Texas summers. I could’ve mentioned that there are some ski resorts around Colorado but they are at least over an hours drive from Denver. All of these experiences are less than 30 minutes and make it absolutely worth visiting Denver Colorado. Covid has brought about a strange and difficult time for all of us. But there’s nothing wrong with a little research to prepare you for a future trip or a safe social distanced trip.